Credit Crunch
At Casitas Miraflor we are well aware of the current crisis facing us all, which has been historically labelled the "Credit Crunch". The global banking system, fraught with fear and possible risks to our savings is causing havoc, uncertainty and sleepless nights.
Consider the following suggestions carefully and if you would like to take our ideas one step further, please don't hesitate to call us.
If you have a Spanish property for sale ask yourself this...
Do I really need to sell now, or could I wait until the markets settle? If you can wait, then do so. If you can't, then perhaps some renovation work and a lick of paint would assist in making your property more appealing to a prospective buyer.
For constructive advice on how best to present your property for sale, please call us for an in-house appointment and a free no-obligation valuation.
Cash in the bank is a risky business at the moment...
Property investment can prove to be a lucrative alternative if you know what you're doing. Our advice to you would be to take advantage of the current slump and invest in property. Decide on a type of property suitable for your purpose ie, renting, holidays or permanent residence. Look for properties at no more than  30% in excess of your real budget.
Casitas Miraflor know that skillful negotiation is the key to the buying and selling process. All serious offers on any of our properties will be considered and we will act swiftly to negotiate the best deal possible. Call us, or checkout our investment deals on line, now really is a good time to buy!   
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